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Inspection System For Cargos & Vehicles

The system enables inspections of moving trucks without opening the vehicles. It allows fast and easy matching of actual content of the inspected vehicle with its shipping documents. The system presents a convenient and efficient solution for detecting contraband including illegal trafficking of drugs and weapons.

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Key Advantages

The control is performed by scanning objects by a betatron-generated beam of braking radiation. This technology gives unique possibilities in comparison with a traditional stationary systems.

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Equipment Structure

In addition to other advantages of ISB-A its block-modular system can be mounted and installed within one day.

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Main Parameters

Characteristic Value

Throughput, Trucks per Hour

150×12 m (40-foot) containers


at scan speeds up to 12 km/h

340 mm (steel)

Contrast Sensitivity

at scan speeds up to 12 km/h, %



at scan speeds up to 12 km/h, %

< 12.5

(6 mm at scan speed up to 3 km/h)

Scan Speed, km/h


vehicles are passing through the portal on their own power

Cargo Vehicle max dimensions

Height, m

Width,  m

Length, m




X-Ray Source Characteristics: Betatron

7.5  MeV


Operation temperature

Extend operation temperature

– 20 оС – + 50 оС

– 30 оС – + 55 оС

Optional: systems for extreme weather conditions


< 20

Operating System Windows, Linux
Database SQL

System is available for purchase!

Contact us to discuss terms and conditions.

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Delivery and installation

Contact us to discuss terms and conditions.

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Maintenance contract

Contact us to discuss conditions of a long-term maintenance contract.

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